A Guide for Begginers on How Marketing Automaton Works

Marketing automation is defined as software that automates marketing for your convenience. This helps in prioritizing your marketing tasks efficiently that would otherwise be done manually by a marketer.

Some of these automated tasks are marketing of email, digital ads, social media posts, generation of reports, etc.


A list of repetitive tasks that need to be done manually includes drafting emails or email marketing, reporting, reminders, etc. These tasks are tedious and can take up your precious time.

Through marketing automation, you don’t have to waste your time on these manual processes. You just need to start an automated campaign that can run in the background. Meanwhile, you can manage other significant tasks.

An example of marketing automation would be a basic automated email workflow that would look like this:

Step 1:

An email invitation to attend a webinar about your ebook would be sent to your targeted list of contacts.

Step 2:

Those people who downloaded the offer should be emailed a thank you note.

Step 3:

After some time, you can send an email to the list of people who downloaded the ebook. In it, you can offer a case study related to the topic of your book.

Step 4:

Finally, if someone decides to download the case study, your sales team will receive a notification. This way, they can follow up with the person.

This is a more efficient way of marketing your product compared to blasting them with emails related to the product. You’re providing them information as per their preference, thus easing their buying decision.


Marketing automation has several benefits that can lead to a prosperous business:

● It is less time-consuming as the repetitive aspects of jobs are automated. Through this, your valuable time can be invested in immediate projects.

● Boosts efficiency because automated tasks are managed more efficiently. This creates consistent contact with the customers and prospects.

● Enables marketers to explore new ideas related to tasks, thus increasing productivity.

● Keeps record of your data which includes tracking your leads along with scrutinizing their engagement patterns.

● It gives you improved ROI

● Helps in increasing your conversion rate while also managing leads efficiently.

● Lowers cost by systematically cleaning, organizing, and managing your database


Marketing automation can automate your monotonous repetitive things. This way it saves your precious time by increasing productivity. Aside from maintaining a healthy customer base through improved ROI, it efficiently manages your campaigns.

The main goal of marketing automation is nurturing, not selling. It is a personalized and relevant way of marketing content. We focus on what the customers and prospects are looking for by implementing marketing automation ideas. This way our marketing goals are achieved while putting minimum effort into tedious manual tasks.

It is the need of the hour as it optimizes your customer experience and marketing team members’ time. It effectively connects with customers along with attracting new customers. Thus, contributing to the growth and success of your company.