There are many business coaches in the already rapidly growing market space. With the introduction of new technologies, products and the dynamic nature of consumer needs, there’s a need for you as a business owner to keep yourself up to date with the changing market situation and adjusting accordingly to meet the needs of your customers, remaining relevant and staying above the competition. IBM lists some great marketing trends for 2019 but how do these trends affect a business coach like yourself.

This is 2019, and as you might have already known, the market competition is very high. Although you might have a great marketing plan and if you don’t, definitely learn how you can create one a great marketing plan here, applying the same old marketing methods may be in the need for change. As when you started out 15 years ago, when you could count the number of business coaches in your domain, these same old marketing methods might actually be detrimental to the growth of your business.

For you to remain relevant and stay ahead on the leading edge of marketing for business coaches, here are five (5) 2019 marketing trends that can help you get a lion’s share in your market niche.

Marketing For Business Coaches With These Trends

1. Podcasts

People are really busy these days and can hardly sit at a particular spot for a long time reading large amounts of text just to learn what you have to say. But with audio messages such as podcasts, it is very easy to reach out to your audience, anywhere and anytime.

Podcasts are really great mediums that you can utilize to your own advantage, and they are easy to consume. With podcasts your audience can easily listen to your messages while driving, walking, in the gym or relatively anywhere they deem fit to hear what you have for them.

With podcasts you can share numerous collections of episodes full of helpful contents, allowing you to promote each one for as long as it is relevant.This will be you meeting the various of your audience everywhere they go and creating strong bonds with them.

For instance the ability for parents with kids to sit down and read a book or articles might be really difficult however there is a lot of possibility for these individuals to easily put on their ear pods and easily listen to audio messages that will develop themselves and give them the information about what their needs maybe.

So as a business coach if you have the parental demographics of these people as potential clients you are likely to have, definitely you would want to take a serious look at podcasts, if you are not using them, as a means of getting across to more of them and getting more clients in the process.

2. Videos

Videos has always been and will continue to be a great tool for marketing. Visuals usually are more remembered than words. They give you an avenue to either talk to your audience personally or explain what could not be understood in words, through step by step instructional visuals. They can be added to your blog posts to capture your reader’s attention and growth your audience.

Live videos allows to connect with your audience in real time. Through social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter, it is possible for you to connect with your audience across all platforms at the same time through their live streaming video option.

Generally, videos are wonderful opportunities for you audience to get to know you better, as well as creating intimacy and trust. It is important to note that with videos your messages must be clear, concise and straight to the point, because each seconds of your time counts.

3. Chatbox

These boxes can do anything for you from answering FAQs, scheduling meetings to making recommendations.

Not everybody feels comfortable talking to a real person on the phone or has the time to do it over email but with chatboxes you could build in pre-programmed automated personalized responses based on previously asked questions or can direct can direct people to different areas on the site based on what they asked you.

These are little AI helpers integrated into websites that can answer questions and fulfill requests quickly and many can accomplish this without sacrificing personality.

So what you are doing is basically using automation to set the ball of your business rolling. Your clients will most likely appreciate the authenticity you give them and engage with you and your business using a chatbox feature than other method in those early research stages.

4. Personalization in Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be an ever important marketing trend in 2019 that helps in translating more of your conversions into leads.

To be able to personalize your email and be sure you aren’t sending an email out individually which no one can do if you are actually running a business, there are programs for email marketing that can help you accomplish this.  A few notable ones are:

Email marketing is a great way for reaching out to a substantial number of your clients within a short time frame of time. It is great for a regular communication with your customers which is very important in marketing and fosters a great relationship between you and your clients both past, present and future by sending out emails such as newsletters and follow ups.

Maintaining a robust email list and personalizing the content of the campaigns is a sure way of ensuring continued growth for your business as a business coach. Also, if you business is showing signs for a need for automation, you might want to definitely consider utilizing the automation tools that the email programs above provide to not only help create personalized content but reduce the workload when your clients increase.

5. User Generated Content

These kinds of contents are generated by consumers for their favorite brands. They help translate the business message from “come buy from me” To “see how it worked for someone like you” .

User generated content are very viable for marketing today. It is no longer enough to talk at the consumer hence the need to make use of user generated content, which I also would love to refer to as testimonials from clients.

These contents can be in the form of videos, blogposts, reviews, photos and more. As a business coach you could use this type of content to promote your business by offering first-person accounts of how helpful and useful your services are.

For instance stories such as “what a great seminar”, “I learned so much” posted from satisfied attendees from a live event you organized or an event where you were a guest speaker, could serve  as good user generated content that you could share to promote your brand as a business coach and gain more audience in return.

The truth is, these days, more consumers are moved to taking action based on information about a brand, product or service they receive from people just like themselves before they make the decision to invest their money with you.

For business coaches this is one marketing strategy, you should consider leveraging on, to gain that business growth you so desire.